Jos Reynders Decor is a family business. We specialize in renovation, transformation and fitting of existing buildings and new high quality constructions. The Reynders family started with construction in 1898. Currently the fourth generation runs the company and the fifth generation recently joined the business. We are proud of our story: more than one hundred years of hard work, commitment and dedication.

Jos Reynders Decor is based in Tessenderlo (Belgium), less than 1 hour drive from Brussels and Antwerp. Our staff consists of approximately 30 professionals, of which 7 project managers or assistant project managers. About 50% of our turnover is realized in shops, offices and other commercial projects. The other 50% comes from private homes and apartments. On average, the Company runs 10 to 15 important projects per year.

Jos Reynders Decor is a general contractor for renovation, transformation, interior design, fitting of existing buildings and high quality constructions. We operate our own joinery and own construction teams. Other works are subcontracted to qualified and specialized companies. Most of these subcontractors are partners for 10 years and more.

Jos Reynders Decor stands for quality, impeccable finishing and short deadlines. Key to achieve this are our experienced project managers, skilled people and qualified, loyal subcontractors.

Jos Reynders Decor works for private persons / investors and chooses those projects which match with our company vision and contribute to strengthening our company image.

Collaboration starts with good advice. Please let us know what we can do for you.